Public information for your stay at Gullholmsbaden

At the little harbour of Gullholmen you will find the store wich will countain most of your necessary supplies


Opening hours

monday - wednesday 09.00-18.00
thursday 09.00-20.00
midsummereve 09.00-18.00
midsummerday 09.00-18.00
sunday 09.00-18.00

Week 26, 23-29 June
monday - wednesday 09.00-18.00
thursday - sunday 09.00-20.00

Week 27 - 33,

30 June - 17 august

Openings houres  08.00-21.00 every day


During high season (week 25-33) the reception  open between 08.00 - 21.00 every day. At the reception thats is locatade in the main building close to the cottage village where  you will be able to get the key to your cabin or guestroom. If you are about to arrive in another time that is not enlisted with the opening hours of the reception please contact us and we will find a solution. During the mid/lowseason the reception opening hours is 09.00 - 16.00. If u arraive at another time you will find the key to your cabin at the dore next to the main dore in the refrigurater. 

Midsummer eve the reception is closed

For contact or more information please call

Phonenumber: +46304-573 27