The Cottages

Our cottages are fully equipped with everything one might need for a few days in peace and quiet.

The cottages in Gullholmsbaden are just enough for 5 people. They are modern and equipped with electricity, water, fridge / freezer, TV, shower and WC.

Gullholmsbadens parkinglot is about 500 metres from the ferry on the mainland so make sure you have plenty of time when you arrive with your car. If you are renting a cottage from us, you have the same number on your parking space as you have on your cottage. If you are renting a guestroom we have two parking spaces for you. If these parking areas already are occupied we refer to the big parking area that is just next to Gullholmsbadens parking lot. If you park here you have to pay a fee of 70SEK/night.
If you are visiting Gullholmen only for a day we also refer to the big parking area with fee.

It is very important that you park on the right parking space with the right number! 

If you have any questions, please contact us +46 (0)304 57327